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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the word resilience. It’s not easy to get up after you’ve been knocked down is it? Do you have within you the faith, hope and love to believe the best is yet to come or do you struggle to bounce back from difficult times? Your answer will determine your future and it will propel you higher or cause you to fall back and stagnate.

The wonderful thing about resilience is that it will always try again; it will always look for a new way and it will never quit through trying times. We’ve all been through a lot these past few years and the true test of resilience is if we’ve shrunk or grown as a result of these extremely testing times. Resilience see’s possibilities even when things have changed or altered. It brings forth character we didn’t even know we had. One of the most beautiful things from the pandemic was watching the rise of new creations, and a new way of doing things that created opportunities for all of us.    

Unfortunately there will always be change, adversity and uncertainty in our lives but our ability to be resilient allows us to keep moving and not languish far from the person we were created to be. Isn’t it time you began dreaming again, took a chance on starting that new business, changed direction, or called that family member or friend? Being resilient means picking yourself up and trying again. I have a saying that I often use, “It’s ok to start over”. We’re all built to thrive and quitting never seems to end well. If you can find the resilience within you, it may not be tomorrow or the next day, but stick with it as the answers will come and you will be triumphant.

God bless


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