The 7 Pillars of Image

"The 7 Pillars of Image" is the journey of real change from the inside, out. It will revolutionize the way you approach your life through your Spirit, Soul and Body. It focues on identifying your life through love which sparks the power of transformation that gives you purpose, improves your appearance, affects your mind, will, and emotions to the power of grace and encourages you to become the best version of you. We are all here for a special purpose and knowing it and taking action towards it everyday is what "Image" is all about. Your life is your masterpiece and it's time to create it the way you desire, complete with an image you love. 

Image: 52 Weeks To A New You

This book is a weekly guide that focuses on the many facets of what makes up our Image and how we live this amazing journey called life. It takes a close look at the basic elements of living and challenges you to see life through your Spirit, Soul and Body. It compliments "The 7 Pillars of Image" to help you better understand you and find and pursue your purpose. It will help you see yourself from a much higher perspective and allows authenticity to regin supreme in your life. You are unique and this book will help you celebrate that every week.

Image: 365 Daily Devotional

"365 Daily Devotional" is created to inspire the reader to journey through the year, day by day, to a better life. One that is filled with joy, passion, and originality to unveil the beauty that lives on the inside. It's a daily reminder on how to approach everyday with meaning, and consistency to create lasting change within yourself. It's designed to open your Spirit, Soul, and Body and transform your inner Image from the person you are to the one you're becoming. This book allows you to reflect back over your year and see the process of change you have achieved.


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