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Are You A People Pleaser?

                           “Are You a People Pleaser?”


Do you find yourself saying yes to things that you’d rather say no to because you’re afraid of the consequences? A lot of us are guilty of trying to please others while not taking care of ourselves and our true desires, often leaving us resentful and discontented. It’s not about living selfishly only for us, but it is important we’re true to ourselves or over time situations will become negative. If you ever had those times when you’ve agreed to do something and then complained all the way until you did it, you might have to consider you’re a people pleaser.

I believe in helping others, but I also believe in balance, and this is one of those things that can be truly difficult. Setting boundaries and saying “no” kindly can be a game changer. I’ve seen people living a victim reality, become authentic individuals who still help others but aren’t always available. Your time is valuable and you need to consider how you spend it. We owe it to ourselves to prioritize our true desires because it ultimately adds more value to our life and the lives of those people who truly matter to us.

It's impossible to please everyone all the time and frankly who really wants to live like that? I have found that honest communication can be the breakthrough that you’re looking for if you come from a place of kindness, because being a people pleaser is very unhealthy. You can decline and still be caring and quite often people understand and respect you for it. I see time as an investment, like money, and I want to spend it on the people and situations that are important to me. Having people pleased with you is much better than being a people pleaser.

God bless


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