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Image Beauty: Ann Marie Gianni Skin Care

Just over 30 days ago I was sent the most beautiful organic skincare range from the company Ann Marie Gianni in CA/USA. These glorious products are entirely organic and wonderfully wild. Natural products that have dramatically transformed my skin from the inside out. This skincare is made from organic ingredients that you can trust and as I say when trying new products if I can eat it I can put it on my skin and Ann Marie Gianni ensures you can rest asured it's absolutely unharmful to you. They give your skin a healthy glow while feeling nourished from within, embody organic, are free from harmful synthetic chemicals and work to ensure your skin is rejuvenated like never before. What's put into this organic skincare are all natural ingredients, high quality and have signficantly improved the texture and appearance of my skin. They are not only good for your skin they smell divine too. I used the anti ageing line and they have skincare for almost every skin condition. It is a very extensive and impressive range and my skin is glowing in a very healthy way, feels nourished and smoother than before. The range is pure and heavenly and offers an aromatherapy skincae experience at its finest. Every product exceeded my expectation, are amazing and perform their advertised functions completely.

My Ann Marie Gianni routine consists of using the aloe herb facial cleanser (suitable for all skin types), it soothes my skin with the vitamin E anti-oxidants found in it, helping to prevent and repair my free radical damage and a little goes along way which is a nice bonus. My face and neck appear much smoother and clearer from using this product. Next is their Neroli toning mist with its perfect ph balance soothes my skin also, giving it a boost of hydration and I have noticed my pores are signicantly reduced. Its key ingredient Neroli hydras (orange blossom distillate) has been used historically as a mood enhancer so it has a calming result which is a beautiful addition. I also use it before I put on makeup and it makes it stays on longer throughout the day or night. It allows my makeup to set natually and gives it an overall fresher appearance.

To compliment the cleanser and toner I use the anti ageing facial oil for dry and mature skin. Its blend of healing herbs, anti-oxidants and nourishing oils restore my skins more youthful appearance and I have noticed a significant reduction of fine lines. And who doesn't love that! The anti-oxidants in it give my skin a powerful boost while the two key ingredients chia seed oil and carrot seed oil have rejuvenated my skin. I have used these products day and night for over 30 days now and my skin's appearance is glowing with a natural radiance that wasn't there prior to using them.

I intentionally swap between the anti ageing facial oil and the anti aging serum every other night. They have increased my skins moisture and boosted my collagen that diminshes with age. These two products sooth and smooth your skin and found in the serum are many unique ingredients not found in other products of its kind such as a type of sunflower extract that prolongs and regenerates the skin cells and flaxseed to calm the skin and support cell communication resulting in a diminishing of fine lines. I am addicted ot these two products and have bought them as gifts for many of my friends.

The eye cream offering is simply amazing and used day and night hydrates, regenerates and soothes the delicate skin around the eye. It is a glorious blend of cucumber to cool and restore, green tea for anti-oxidant protection and herbs including echinacea to hydrate the damaged eye area. It will soften your eye area lines and lessen any dark circles and puffiness. What a product!!! Sensational!!

Finally the two masks I've been using are the dead sea facial scrub that I apply after cleansing twice a week to elimnate dead skin and offer it a deep but gentle clean resulting in a much clearer and more glowing skin. The other is the coconut honey mask to soften my skin. This one makes my skin feel completley moisturized and so soft I could use it every day its just that amazing. Honey is its main ingredient and it includes vitamin c, b vitamins and amino acids all of which nourish your skin from the inside out. I leave it on my face for at least 15 mins for deep penetration making it more toned, smooth and soft. Use it while having a bath/shower when your skin is already warm and the results are even more sensational.

Anne Marie Gianni is currently offering a sample kit for $10 online and you get a $10 coupon for your first order and a very informative ebook "Toxic Free Home Guide" (150 pages/24.95 value) and they'll ship for free worldwide with this offer. What's not to love about that! I have included her link for your convenience at bottom of this blog. And while you're there I encourage you to watch her brief video about why she decided to create these gorgeous products. It's very informative about what we put on lour skin and well worth watching! These beautiful, organic and wild crafted products are worth the small investment to ensure your beauty routine is not harmful and is extremely effective. I have always been a fan of organic products but now more than ever as alot of companies sadly seem to care less about what is going into their products. Ann Marie Gianni and her team make sure they use the hghest organic level possible and are doing their part to help us all.

There is also a mineral makeup range that is well worth a look and when you purchase the trial offer for $20 you get another $10 coupon to go towards your order. It's a great bonus and the makeup is light and has a lovely coverage while being good for your skin.

Thankyou AMG, you're my kind of company, teaching and providing people with products and information about beauty from the inside out. I'll do my best to tell as many as possible about your honest~wild~beautiful products!!!!!

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