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Image Beauty: Zk'in Skin Care

Recently I began a new addition to my "Image" brand and started blogging for companies, products, places and people I believe have what "Image" is all about, taking care of yourself from the inside out (spirit, soul and body). Over the past few years I've been approached by many about blogging for them and I knew once my initial books were complete I would add this to "Image". I'm careful to choose only those I know deliver what I believe and can feature from a truthful perspective. I will share them here on my Image blog (some vlogs), social media platforms and I'm very excited about this new Image venture and look forward to sharing with you some amazing finds. So with all of that said ..... my first blog choice is a completely organic skincare range called Zk'in (pronounced skin) and it's all Australian. And I love the phrase they use repeatedly in their advertising, honest beauty. They are honest about their certified organic ingredients and I can honestly say they are outstanding and naturally enrich, hydrate and replenish my skin. There are no parabens, sulphates or petrochemicals found in them and you can rest assured knowing they are also free from toxins and synthetic ingredients. Nothing unnatural and certified organic. Another important image feature of these beautiful products is that they embrace nature and beauty from the inside out. The product range is for every stage of a womens life and every skin type. Zk'in's use of the very best green science, using only natural and organic clinically tested actives to create powerful yet gentle products for all ages is phenominal. Creator and CEO Grace Culhaci was on a mission to create organic skincare so her customers could trust what they were putting on their skin. She developed a range that has been given the COSMOS organic certification (the new global organic cosmetic standard). In fact the Z in Zk'in is in reference to her zero tolerance policy for any unnatural ingredients. She has created a brand dedicated to safety, honesty and integrity while still delivering incredible results. An honest beauty from honest products....honestly!

My skin type is normal to dry so I use the Zk'in products best suitable for my issues. First the gorgeous "Softening Cream Cleaner" that softens my skin and removes easily and effectively any makeup. It's main ingredient is Rosehip Oil and it nourishes and gives my skin a lovely suppleness while it always feel residue free after I've used it. Honestly Clean! Next the "Hydrating Mist" (toner) that targets UV damage and reactivates radiance. This can be used on sensitive, normal or dry skin. After using this my skin feels balanced and refreshed. It combines aloe vera and an organic potent active ingredient which helps fight UV damage and improves skin moisturisation. And it does! Next in my Zk'in skin beauty regime is the "Rejuvenating Moisturizer" to smooth wrinkles and enhance my skins appearance. It also increases my skins elasticity and hydration and includes an organic Brown Seaweed extract clinically tested to reduce wrinkles and improve the skins appearance by up to 68%. I couldn't agree more. It does what it says and then some. After using this morning and night my normally dry skin feels deeply moisturized. The two extra products I use came highly recomended and they lived up to their recomendation. The "Line Smoothing Serum" (natures answer to injectables) for all skin types is so effective. I use it on my foreward, eyes and neck and have seen visible skin smoothing results and I love that I can use it as an eye wrinkle serum too. Bonus! The Gatuline Expression, an extract of the Paracress plant of Madagascar works as an active similarly to injectables but is safe and non toxic. I use it under makeup to smooth lines, it works really well and doesn't leave any residue and absorbs quickly so it's perfect. The last product is my favourite! I'm a little addicted to this one. It's the "Brightening and Hydrating Masque", it enhances my complexion and smooths my skin. It can be used on sensitive, normal or dry skin and simply said is wonderful. I use it twice a week for ten minutes on a Zk'in clean skin and it produces amazing results. My skin is firmer, brighter, smoother and has improved its elasticity by almost 70% from it. The main ingredient is an organic cocoa with unique antioxidants to smooth skin and improve circulation that brightens complexions while the aloe vera in it increases moisturization. Brown Seaweed from the pristine Tasmanian waters impedes skins breakdown while preserving natural collagen to enhance overall skins appearance. This product is skin changing and it smells like chocolate and there's nothing bad about that!

Well by now I'm sure you know I've fallen madly in love with these beautful, certified organic, made in Australia, vegan, and not tested on animal products. I believe what you put on your skin is as important as what you eat. Zk'in takes care of your skin from the outside in and the inside out. Since using it my skin hasn't looked or felt this good in years. Glorious! And I love that I don't have to worry about any bad toxins or anything unnatural going into my skin. The range is extensive and innovative and its cost is a little higher than some and a lot less than others considering the ingredients found in the products ($20/60). They give free shipping throughout Australia and for my subscribers and followers worlwide they will ship anywhere.

Zk'in skincare and me are a perfect match. I'm in love!!!!!!

Until next time be kind to one another and be all you were intended to be,

LOVE Kerrie x

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